Credible Behavioral Health - Your Comprehensive Web-Based Electronic Health Record Software Solution

Implementation Success

Real-time, Transparent Project Management System

Credible provides a real-time project management system. Paramount to our customer's implementation success is usage of our online GoLive site. Secure and fully transparent, the site is used to manage the implementation process and is a great tool for Credible and our customers, whom we view as partners. This site is accessible throughout implementation and promotes communication, joint ownership, timelines, and clarification of any challenges.

Implementation Process

Credible's implementation process focuses on three stages. The first stage begins with "Discovery" in which we focus on discovering how your organization works today including data flow, people flow, service flow, and cash flow. During this stage, the project team will have hands on training to assist with learning the software as well as the process. The second stage, "Configuration" begins once "Discovery" is complete. Our team works with your staff to properly set up modules, security, forms, and reports. The "Finalization" stage includes quality assurance, final imports, final approvals, workflow modifications, and training. Each stage contains specific project milestones that must be completed before progressing to the next stage.

Credible begins training early during "Discovery" and continues through Go-Live. The more informed and comfortable your staff is in the system, the more successful your implementation.


Credible employs direct user training and “train the trainer” methodology and provides role-specific training through subject matter experts. Successful training is measured by client knowledge of Credible software, successful implementations, and level of acceptance of the new system. Credible provides training sites for all levels of users to learn and test on the software. Credible training strategies include early hands on training followed by online reference materials. In addition, Credible’s Library offers additional documentation and a knowledge-sharing environment.

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