Credible Behavioral Health - Your Comprehensive Web-Based Electronic Health Record Software Solution


Simplified Billing, Payment and Financial Reporting

Credible solves the affordability challenge, while providing customer service, flexibility and innovative technology that behavioral health providers need in today's challenging environment. Credible delivers more benefits and innovation with a lower total cost of ownership. Simplify revenue capture with Credible's fully integrated Billing Module. Credible's customizable, proven, and HIPAA compliant electronic billing will allow your agency to focus on your business and increase productivity.

Clean Bill Rate of 99.5%

Credible's customers have successfully increased their clean bill rate, even with the largest payers. This would not be acheivable without a committed billing team, clear management, and software that simplifies the billing process.

5010 Compliance

Credible meets new 5010 requirements and did not charge partner agencies a dime for this conversion. Credible believes providing financial tools and regulatory compliance is the responsibility of the vendor, not an opportunity to increase revenues.

Billing Your Way

Credible allows for batching during daytime hours and there is no limitation on batches per day. Our goal is to maximize your billable services while collapsing your payment cycle.