Credible Behavioral Health - Your Comprehensive Web-Based Electronic Health Record Software Solution


Credible Consulting combines years of consulting and management experience with modern technology to rapidly improve your revenue management cycle, enhance clinical operations, increase cash flow, deliver immediate tactical performance and recommendation to optimize financial performance while improving the quality of care.

Today's healthcare agencies face many challenges that hinder productive financial growth and clinical care. Some challenges include:

  • Limited resources
  • No agency metrics and reporting for effective management review
  • Increased payer rejections
  • Limited departmental P&L reporting, financial evaluation, and/or breakeven analysis
  • No interdepartmental collaboration
  • Minimal understanding of software's full capabilities
  • Unaware of the new features and functional use of regular quarterly updates to the software

Credible Consulting addresses these agency challenges by conducting a comprehensive evaluation of current business practices and synergies, enhancing management metric and reporting tools, identifying of target key areas to maximize agency performance and profitability, obtaining concrete, measurable ROI, maximizing software investment and utilization, and provide action plans to increase the quality of care. Credible offers multiple packages to meet your agency's needs:

  • Meaningful Use: could generate $60,000+ per eligible professional
  • Clinical Optimization: could increase productivity, reduce errors, and ultimately reduce recidivism
  • Forms: could reduce cost of creating forms and increase documentation efficiency
  • Retraining: could reduce cost of training  new key personnel & empower new key personnel to make decisions
  • Financial: increase cash flow, reduce errors and denials
  • Reporting: reduce cost of meetings, strategic decision errors
  • Advanced Search Functionality: reduce cost of report building, improve daily operational decisions
  • Business Intelligence: improve internal awareness of operations, improve executive decisions based on real time data & projections