Credible Behavioral Health - Your Comprehensive Web-Based Electronic Health Record Software Solution

Clinical, EMR/EHR

Credible Behavioral Health leverages a "home page" approach that simplifies the user interface and allows staff easy, secure access to data and functions. This approach decreases training time while optimizing staff time in the software. Maintain staff and client records quickly and easily. List, search, view and update records in the format you want. Standard components recommended for deployment of Credible's home page feature include:

  • Client and Provider Search box - easily search the entire database for clients or providers. Security rights are built in to this search feature. With this search capability at the fingertips of all providers and managers, critical and pertinent client data can be retrieved easily and securely.
  • Critical Authorization Data - For services that are authorization driven, users can set parameters to show expiring, expired and current authorizations by care provider and by client.
  • Real-time Statistics - key data including completed visits and forms, comparisons of weekly, monthly and year to date data are available to care providers and managers
  • Links - Management controls the listing of key links to other resources. This can include quick links to internal and external sites.
  • Management Dashboard - Six to seven crucial reports can be displayed on one page so management can view productivity data, attendance information, system usage reports and financial data. The information is presented graphically, can be configured by the system administrator and can be customized per user role.
  • Most Active Clients/Providers - The five most active clients or providers can be displayed to provide clinicians with a snapshot view of recently served clients while providing management a clear view of highly active or the least active care providers. Schedule at a Glance - This feature allows all users to see what is on their calendar for the current day. One click takes them to their full weekly schedule.
  • Message Board -Management can add, edit, and manage broadcast messages or targeted messages by team or program. This electronic message board appears for all users upon login and greatly simplifies agency communication, information distribution, and knowledge sharing.
  • Recent Visits - The five most recent clinical notes or visits can appear on the user's home page for the clients for which they are the primary provider. One click can take them to the full electronic record for that client or the user can instantly view the most recent documentation.
  • Saved Reports - Credible's ad-hoc reporting tool empowers care providers and management to run and easily save a variety of saved reports. Management no longer has to wait until the end of the week, month or quarter. Staff can set up customized reports and rerun on their own schedule without additional burdens and requirements on the system administrator.
  • Notification System - All users can take advantage of Credible's enterprise notification system which displays client, personal, and organization wide events on the homepage and calendar screen. Users can choose to have event alerts sent to their email, supervisors, and others. Also, events can reoccur daily, monthly, yearly, etc.