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Spend less time tending to paperwork and more time caring for your clients.
We understand your world. We’re here to simplify it.

The whole idea is to put a world of functionality and simplicity at your fingertips. Clinicians lead a hectic life. A secure, web-based, user-friendly, infinitely configurable EHR platform can make all the difference.

Name your clinical task, Credible makes short work of it.

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From “Welcome to our clinic” to “It’s been our pleasure, let’s arrange aftercare,” Credible can be configured to your exact tasks and workflow. Conduct assessments, develop treatment plans, document interventions, track progress, monitor compliance – and keep everyone on your team up to speed on every action and transaction. All in real-time. Need the added convenience of going mobile? No problem, take Credible’s functionality out in the community when your care demands it.

Credible empowers your clinical staff to:
  • Track critical client/consumer information
  • View critical client information in a user-friendly format
  • Seamlessly view documentation, treatment plans, ISPs, and demographic data
  • Customize and configure views and priorities
  • Maintain client and employee records
  • Integrate data and forms that eliminate duplicate entry
  • Conduct clinical assessments, intakes, and other critical documentation
  • Manage authorizations
  • Document, review and approve services/encounters
  • Analyze staff productivity, outcomes, and critical data
  • Import/export data
  • Go mobile without losing functionality

Witness the behavioral health EHR that you’ve been dreaming of by exploring our many configurable capabilities or with an insightful demo of Credible’s software today!

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Explore the many configurable capabilities that you can use with Credible’s software and see how they provide improved operational solutions to your behavioral health organization.

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With efficient care, quality services, and highly trained professionals on staff, Credible has helped our clients soar to new and exciting heights. Learn how Credible has been able to renew clients’ confidence and establish ourselves as a valuable asset to their success.

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Credible Behavioral Health has merged with Qualifacts.

You can find information about the Credible EHR platform on

Qualifacts is one of the largest behavioral health, rehabilitative, and human services EHR vendors in the country. The company offers three EHR platforms – CareLogic, Credible, and InSync, serving all segment sizes in the market.