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Jeenie® and Credible Behavioral Health Partner to Improve Care Provider-Client Communication and Outcomes Across the Country

WASHINGTON, D.C. (March 25, 2020) GLOBE NEWSWIRE – Jeenie®, a global community of HUMAN language experts standing by 24/7 to provide on-demand interpreting via a voice or video call, today announced a partnership with Credible Behavioral Health, a leading EHR software firm for behavioral health agencies. The partnership aims to improve treatment outcomes and reduce the risk of misdiagnoses by removing language barriers between care providers and their Limited English Proficiency (LEP) clients and families. 

Credible Partner Agencies employ over 100,000 staff and treat over two million clients annually, many of whom require language assistance. Credible will promote Jeenie’s mobile interpreting app to its network of over 500 Agency locations across the United States to provide remote video interpreting to care providers and clients during a time when Coronavirus makes in-person interpreting risky for interpreters, doctors, and patients.

“The Jeenie app loads on any mobile device, allowing caregivers the flexibility to carry the interpreter around the clinic to wherever the clients are. Care providers and clients don’t have to walk down the hall to crowd around a computer or landline to hold a conversation. It’s easy to set up and easy to use relative to older and more expensive solutions on the market, and we think it will dramatically improve communication challenges faced by our behavioral health agencies every day.” said Jaclyn O’Donnell, Executive Vice President of Credible. Credible’s CEO and Co-Founder, Matthew M. Dorman, stated, “Credible looks forward to rolling Jeenie out nationwide over the coming weeks and months.”

Jeenie connects healthcare providers and qualified, HIPAA-trained, medically assessed language interpreters on any mobile device at any time of day. Providers can use the Jeenie app for three-way video or audio conversations with a live interpreter to communicate with LEP and Deaf clients, as well as their family members. Jeenie’s on-demand technology is easy to use, with no scheduling hassles or advance reservations required; users simply connect with an interpreter in under a minute whenever they need one. Because Jeenie is entirely mobile, providers can rely on instant-access interpreters in virtually any clinical setting.

“The risks to client health that result from language barriers continue to rise — primarily because the solutions on the market today are too inconvenient to use, are too costly, and don’t scale.” said Kirsten Brecht Baker, CEO and Co-Founder of Jeenie. “We’re going to tackle this problem health on with Credible and we look forward to showcasing the power of Jeenie’s gig economy model to improve patient outcomes, promote health literacy, and reduce provider expenses.”

About Jeenie

Jeenie® is a global, peer-to-peer marketplace of HUMAN language experts standing by 24/7 to jump on a voice or video call to help you with any of your communication needs. With the tap of a button, the Jeenie mobile app connects customers with LIVE interpreters for language help & cultural advice in less than a minute. Learn more at

About Credible Behavioral Health, Inc.

With over 19 years of innovation and experience, Credible is committed to improving the quality of care and lives in behavioral health for clients, families, providers, and management. Since founded in June 2000, Credible has Partnered with over 475 Partner Agencies in 38 states. Credible is proud to provide secure, proven, easy-to-use, web-based software for clinic, community, residential, and mobile care providers leveraging a true Partnership approach.

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