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Qualifacts + Credible announces partnership with Anderson Cherokee Community Enrichment Services (ACCESS)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Qualifacts + Credible, the leading provider of electronic health record (EHR) platforms for behavioral health and human services organizations, has announced a partnership with Anderson Cherokee Community Enrichment Services (ACCESS) of Jacksonville, Texas, to utilize Credible’s industry leading comprehensive EHR platform.  

ACCESS provides a variety of essential services to children and adults living with mental illness, helping to facilitate recovery and provide support to its clients and their loved ones. The agency had several requirements for a new EHR, including easier preparation of more visually compelling reports, a robust client portal, the ability to self-manage forms and a strong Mobile component for field staff. Credible was able to meet them all, said Ted Debbs, Chief Executive Officer. 

“We have changes being pushed down to us from the state and federal levels all the time — we can’t afford to wait months for updates and risk not being compliant,” Debbs said. “Having that control and flexibility with forms is very important to us. We also are very pleased that we will be able to use Credible for state reporting right away. Until now we’ve had to input data into a state portal, which was time consuming and created a lot of extra work.” 

Clients will benefit from Credible as well, added Donna Daigle-Thomas, Chief Program Officer. 

“Credible’s portal was one of the best we’ve ever seen and will be so easy for our clients to use,” Daigle-Thomas said. “Many will be able to access and update information from home, saving even more time when they come in for an appointment.” 

“Qualifacts + Credible is highly committed to supporting Texas providers and is making significant investments in state reporting and other Texas-specific enhancements to the Credible platform,” says Paul Ricci, CEO. “We are pleased to empower and work alongside ACCESS and our other Texas partners to ensure that their EHR supports their mission now and in the future.” 

About Qualifacts + Credible

Qualifacts + Credible, two leading providers of Electronic Health Records (EHR) and related technology to behavioral health and human services agencies, merged in August 2020. The new entity combines and brings to market the decades of experience each company achieved individually and is laser-focused on helping agency partners improve clinical outcomes, enhance operations and create healthier communities. The company is offering, enhancing and fully supporting both EHR platforms — CareLogic and Credible — while collaborating to build an even brighter future for partner agencies and their clients. Qualifacts + Credible supports the evolution of interoperability standards as required by state and federal law, recommended by Health and Human Services (HHS) and as necessary to help achieve its mission. By executing an omni-channel approach to interoperability, Qualifacts + Credible provides customers with flexible options and ensures that their systems, users and clients will achieve interoperability goals through a consistent user experience now and into the future.


ACCESS provides a variety of essential services to children and adults living with mental illness, helping to facilitate recovery and provide support to its clients and their loved ones. ACCESS’ many program offerings include: The IDD Authority Program, which provides an array of support and services to children and adults with developmental disabilities, intellectual developmental disabilities, related conditions and pervasive developmental disorders such as Asperger’s and Autism; A Mobile Crisis Outreach Team, which provides immediate response to individuals in crisis; the Family and Youth Success (FAYS) Program, which promotes strong families and youth resilience; The Youth Empowerment Services, or Y.E.S., Program for children and youth with serious mental health conditions and their families; Preadmission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) services for individuals seeking placement to or who reside in a nursing facility; as well as a broad substance-abuse counseling and treatment program and a Military Veteran Peer Network to connect former service personnel to each other and to available community resources. 

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