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Epic chosen to deliver NSW Health’s Single Digital Patient Record system

NSW Health has picked Epic to deliver its Single Digital Patient Record project, which seeks to unify all EMR and pathology information systems across the state.

Subject to the successful completion of contractual negotiations, Epic’s supply contract will replace nine existing EMR platforms, six PAS, five pathology LIMS and several other clinical support systems, which have been provided by Cerner, Orion Health, DXC, Citadel, and Integrated Software Solutions.

The SDPR will provide comprehensive, real-time electronic access to medical records across NSW Health, covering 15 Local Health Districts (LHDs), two specialty health networks and all NSW Health pathology laboratories.

According to eHealth NSW chief executive and CIO Dr Zoran Bolevich, they engaged more than 350 expert stakeholders, including clinicians, scientists and technical experts, to evaluate Epic’s supply proposal.

“Their expertise, along with meaningful engagement with healthcare consumers, will continue to guide us as we roll out SDPR across the state,” he added.


Epic, which remains the Best in Klas software suite in 12 years, is also delivering ACT’s statewide Digital Health Record system. The ACT government in August invested another $35 million in the project, which is expected to go online this year.

Meanwhile, the NSW government last year invested over $105 million in SDPR. The system will go live first at Hunter New England LHD before its full rollout across the state.


“Patients and our busy staff will benefit from clinical insights gained from the capture of important new data that enables ongoing innovation across the state. Our work in pathology is vital to the diagnostic process and developing a statewide [LIMS] will ensure we provide the best possible services to the community and partners for decades to come,” NSW Health Pathology chief executive Tracey McCosker commented about the SDPR project.

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