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Directed vs Customized EHR Implementations

The decision between a directed and customized implementation can make or break an EHR implementation so how do you choose an implementation strategy that best fits your Agency’s needs? Every organization is unique and should consider this when selecting the type of implementation that is right for them.

Beyond The Core 4: What You Need To Be Ready For A Value-Based World

The results of our 2019 National Behavioral Health EHR Survey revealed there are five more areas of EHR functionality beyond the Core 4 that are critical to enhance our use of EHRs for value-based reimbursement. Take a closer look into the functionalities utilized by Agency’s across the health and human services industry.

Credible Whitepages Billing
The future of behavioral health EHR systems – beyond billing and scheduling

Results of our 2017 National Behavioral Health EHR Survey revealed traditional EHR functionality is not enough anymore for success in a more competitive market focused on value. But what functionality are organizations focusing on now?

Incorporating technology into organizational strategy

With a changing behavioral health landscape, finding success in incorporating technology into your organization is essential. But what three key factors should be evaluated and how should this evaluation be executed?