More than industry leaders. Thought leaders.

Credible is a perfect storm of professional credentials – a unique combination of technological management, operations, and finance expertise joining forces with specialists in project management and corporate administration of Fortune 500 leaders. To efficiently manage the end-to-end clinical, financial and operational aspects of your agency, all of this real-world experience is at YOUR disposal.

Credible Leadership Matthew Dorman

Matthew M. Dorman

Founder and CEO

With more than 30 years’ experience in technology management, operations, finance and investment banking and 18 years of political and government understanding and knowledge, Mr. Dorman has driven Credible from a start-up with a Mission to a profitable, financially stable company with over 435 Partner agencies spanning 36 states.

Jaclyn M. O’Donnell

Executive Vice President

With over 15 years of experience in corporate administration, project management, and technology, Ms. O’Donnell leads initiatives at Credible to drive corporate efficiencies and scalability, the execution of Credible’s two-year strategic plan, as well as overseeing all of Credible’s Partner-facing and corporate departments. 

Hope D. Winkowski

Vice President of Product Services

Hope Winkowski has been with Credible since 2013. As the Vice President of Product Services, Ms. Winkowski has utilized her clinical, administrative, and medical billing backgrounds to successfully establish Credible’s dedicated billing, quality assurance, product development, data analytics and reporting departments.

Amanda L. Cline

Vice President of Corporate Services

Amanda Cline is Credible’s Vice President of Corporate Services and has been with Credible since 2015. In this fast-paced and challenging role, Ms. Cline is responsible for the overall administration, coordination, and development of all areas of Human Resources including strategic, compliance, legal, and manager and employee development.