Hope D. Winkowski​

Vice President of Product Services

Hope Winkowski is Qualifacts + Credible’s Vice President of Billing and Product Compliance and has been with the organization since 2013. As Vice President of Billing and Product Compliance, Ms. Winkowski has utilized her clinical, administrative, and medical billing backgrounds to successfully establish dedicated Billing, Quality Assurance, Product Development, and Data Analytics and Reporting Departments, streamlining billing implementation and support, improving quality testing and product design, as well as overseeing the successful billing of $4.5 billion annually through the Credible Billing module. Currently, Ms. Winkowski is focused on delivering high quality state reporting solutions, ensuring the CareLogic and Credible platforms meet and exceed Federal and State regulatory requirements, as well as strategic growth of the Revenue Cycle Management offerings. 

Prior to joining Qualifacts + Credible, Ms. Winkowski had over 13 years of experience in the behavioral healthcare field in community mental health, court-mandated services, foster care, and adoption. Ms. Winkowski’s experiences include establishing programming and infrastructure to support Family Based, Outpatient, Psychiatric, and Tele-psychiatric services, as well as implementing the infrastructure to support physician credentialing and behavioral health billing for a nonprofit agency in Pennsylvania. Ms. Winkowski earned her M.Ed in Counseling Education from Pennsylvania State University and is a National Board Certified Counselor